Macready Theatre young actors’ ensemble

We’re at the Edinburgh Fringe with our new show 7 Seventeen Year-Olds in a Screwed-Up World.

Programme Note:

This is a play about refugees, specifically about Ukrainian child refugees. It’s about how hard it is to appreciate, from the comfort of our homes in the UK, the struggle, the conflict, the distress of leaving everything behind and finding yourself in a new, alien country. It’s about the humility we felt as a company in not having a clue how that must feel, and wanting to make theatre about that feeling of not understanding.

The show came about through workshop, in response to news surrounding the UK’s (rather late and totally makeshift) response to the refugee crisis and its inept attempt to ‘organise’ systems to allow us to house families fleeing from the conflict. It’s a comedy about resilience and the amazing stories we have heard from Ukranian refugees who somehow managed to find their way through the craziness to the UK. The play is a tribute to their incredible stoicism.

The cast are all 17 year-old students from the the Rugby area. To find our more about the company and its work in Rugby, please visit our website here.


Manvir Bawa, Oliver Butler, Tabitha Denham, Ginny Edwards, Emily Finnegan, Izzy Fry, Paige Jordan


Tim Coker – writer, director, composer/sound design

Faye Miles – technician, movement coach

Joanne Maroun – production assistant

Kim Thompson – production assistant

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